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Well, here I am.  Another one of Misker's "Family" creating a Dedication page to Misker's Den-izens.  This truly is a Special group.  Of course, it couldn't be anything else.

~ ~ It's Misker's Heart! ~ ~

I have only been part of the Family for a few months, but I don't feel "New."  Misker's Heart is as big as the Internet, and so are the Hearts of all her Den-izens. 

Just one example of this is the Graphics Set for this page.  It was a gift to me Just Because.... Thank you Teresa!   It's not unusual for things to just show up in your email... an eCard, a "Gift" for your web page, graphics like this Set. 

This Heart warms up the Internet every day, all day!  If you need a hug, bet you'll get one in your email before you know it!

~ ~ Just Because ~ ~

I'm going to put just SOME of the gifts I have received on this/these pages I'm creating now and link them to the Giver.  Unfortunately, I have lost some because of computer problems.  However, if I see any floating around, I'll "borrow" another copy to put here. This is going to be a Work-In-Progress for a while.

If you would like to see more "Gifts" by these incredible Den-izens, visit my guestbooks.

Please enjoy and be sure to visit the responsible Den-izen Heart!
~ Thank you Misker ~
PS - If you see your Gift here and it is not linked to you, PLEASE let me know so I can!!  Thanks.