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Dolls! Dolls! Dolls!
I collect dolls, and my porcelain artist dolls are my favorites.  I have found some of the most exquisite creations, and I want to share them with you.  Some sites are graphic-intensive, please be patient. Truly, it will be worth the wait!
Linda Land
The Ancient Ones
Xenis Collection
Dundore Dolls
Les Dolls
Maja Bill-Buchwalder
Richard Moore
Fantastic Fantasies
I have collected the graphics on this page from all around the world wide web.  If yours, please let me know and I will give credit.
Santa World
Porcelain by Duhamel
Mountain Elves
Ellen Poitras
Nicola J. Allison
Silke Janas-Schlösser
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Visions of an Olde Friend
Sharon's Masterpiece
Marilyn Radzat
Michelle Robison

Berry Patch Dolls
Kim's Kreations
Anna Chapman
World of Alexandra
Marilyn Radzat
These are for the Santa collectors!!